About us

      With Mehmet Topluoğlu's 35 years of experience, Cermak was established in Istanbul and has been serving industry since the year 2000. Utilizing its 100% customer satisfaction principle, Cermak is renowned for quality and has secured a prominent place in the molding industry.

      Taking advantage of our long-time experience, we provide prototyping and manufacturing services in the sheet metal molding industry. Both within the nation and abroad, our principle clients are companies in the automobile, household appliance, construction, and healthcare industries.

      We produce all types of molds from the simplest to the most complex parts. Our mission is to exceed expectations. We will go above and beyond the industry standards in providing our clients with absolute satisfaction.

Progressive Molding

Prograsif Kalıp Our mission is to be the ideal solution partner to our clients and provide a progressive molding service that exceeds our customer's requirements and expectations. By utilizing our vast experience in the industry, your needs are fulfilled with minimal cost and lead time.

Welding Fixtures

Kaynak Fikstür ve Aparatları Our firm keeps up with the developing industry standards and produces welding fixtures to meet our customers' particular expectations. Our welding fixtures speed up the production process and drastically reduce the possibility of human error, making your production techniques more competitive.

Prototype Development

Prototip Geliştirme In accordance with customer inquiries and needs, we model computer aided prototypes in 3D to assure perfection. All our models are run through precise tests for quality assurance, and delivered to you within the minimal duration possible.